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NET - Neuro-Emotional Technique

You will feel 10 Pounds lighter when you leave the office…

…than when you arrived.  The effect is that powerful.  I feel as if I have dropped carrying burdens that have weighed me down. I have been seeing Dr. Galligan for a few months now and have been utilizing her practice for Neuro Emotional Technique  or (NET).  It’s based on the concept that unresolved emotional trauma is stored in the body. ... NET practitioners can find unresolved, negatively charged emotional responses that are stored in your body and help you release them. See link.

In my case, I just had the best 5 day visit with my mother and sister that I ever had.  Dr. Galligan did some N.E.T. sessions which focused on the upcoming family visit and gave me a suit of armor to protect me. It provides a sense of freedom from worrying about the effect their visits can have on my level of stress.  Whenever I encounter negative energy, it now just rolls off.  My husband and friends have noticed a big difference in my level of anxiety. Dr. Galligan is a certified practitioner for N.E.T. and her approach produces successful outcomes. Thanks Dr. Galligan! I am ever so grateful.


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